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School concerts | Chamber Music Workshops

School Concerts

Description :
School concerts by the Arthur LeBlanc Quartet (QAL) are suitable for any educational institution with pupils from 6 to 12 years old. Young people are introduced to serious music in workshops designed by the QAL to be entertaining and stimulating, and the children's participation and spontaneity are encouraged.

Objectives :
The musicians of the QAL seek to enhance the appreciation of music in young people in order to make them a better informed audience, knowing that those who listen to music with discernment enjoy it even more. They also try to awaken a taste for artistic expression in children, some of whom leave determined to learn one of these instruments themselves !

Content :
The workshop alternates musical performance, games and audience participation, all simply but effectively staged. The level of language used by the quartet is adapted to the age of the participants.

Here are a few steps in the musical adventure offered by the quartet :

  • Introduction of the performers
  • Introduction of the instruments
  • "Baby violin" or "When does one start to play?"
  • Principles of sound production
  • Sound effects and the different voices of the instruments
  • Identification of the many parts of a violin - the "violin puzzle"
  • Composition (melody, harmony and rhythm)
  • Emotion in music
  • What is chamber music?
  • Introduction of different musical styles

The concert workshop, lasting about fifty minutes, takes place at your institution. A maximum of one hundred pupils per workshop is appropriate. The quartet invites you to prepare the children for their visit - tell them about it a few days in advance* - and the experience will be all the more appreciated and productive !

* teacher's material available on request.

Chamber Music Workshops

Description :
The Arthur LeBlanc Quartet (QAL) is coming for a visit. During its stay, advanced students at your institution have an opportunity to sit in for one of the members of the quartet during two or three rehearsals and perhaps even perform at a special concert organized for the occasion!

Objectives :
This master class approach is designed to give young musicians an insight into the creative aspects of performing as part of an established professional group. The formula can also be applied to chamber music for other ensembles besides the string quartet (piano trio, flute quartet, clarinet quintet, etc.)

Content :
Issues of ensemble playing and balance, the structure and style of the piece and musical expression in general.

Works are chosen from among the current chamber music literature, at the suggestion of teachers and in cooperation with the QAL.

Organization :
Rehearsals are structured around two or three sessions, each lasting about one hour. In preparation for the final concert, students selected by the QAL may also profit from additional time during the dress rehearsal.

Participants :
Advanced students interested in chamber music and attending colleges, universities or conservatories, whether they are already members of existing groups or soloists.

Reviews :
Nicolas Desjardins, former Executive Director, Jeunesses Musicales du Canada :

"The Arthur LeBlanc Quartet toured for our organization in Ontario, New Brunswick and Québec...where we asked them to meet with young people, play with them and talk to them. They took this challenge seriously, using humour, their love of music and their ability to relate to the public, and were an outstanding success."